Donald Trump, when asked about the Capitol riots in 2021, called January 6 a ‘beautiful day’. The former President then slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser for their response.

Trump was questioned about his speech before the Capitol attack. Referring to a video of him talking to the crowd of hundreds, the Republican said: “I’m very proud of that video … it’s a beautiful video.”

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Trump then went after House Speaker Pelosi and Bowser.

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi, as I affectionately call her,” Trump said, before claiming that he offered “10,000 soldiers” on Jan. 6 and they turned him down because they “didn’t like the look.”

Trump also refused to acknowledge his loss in the 2020 presidential election. He said that it was rigged.

When CNN’s Kaitlan Collins pressed the former president, he turned to criticize the Joe Biden administration.

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Trump says he doesn’t owe Mike Pence an apology because of what he went through on January 6.

“He did something wrong.” He then brought up Ashli Babbitt, calling her a “patriot” who was shot by a “thug”.

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The CNN Townhall is underway in New Hampshire. Donald Trump is taking questions from ‘Republicans and undeclared voters’ as the frontrunner in the 2024 GOP presidential primary field.

A Manhattan federal jury found the former president guilty of sexually abusing journalist and author E Jean Carroll in a luxury department store dressing room in 1996 and awarded her $5 million for battery and defamation.