The legal team working for former President Donald Trump is considering another FBI search, albeit under supervision, of his Mar-a-Lago residence, according to a report by CNN. This move is being considered to satisfy demands made by the Department of Justice, which has claimed that the former President should return all sensitive documents to the federal government.

The DoJ, in both court filings as well as discussions with the Trump camp, has clarified its belief that Trump has not complied with a subpoena issued in May that had ordered him to return all the missing documents. 

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This consideration from Trump’s legal team comes during a time when they are considering what should be the better approach against the DoJ- a more aggressive one, or being accommodative. One person who is close to the former President said to CNN, “It’s a risk to invite a DOJ lawyer to lunch let alone back to Mar-a-Lago”.

Another person said, “The general belief in Trump World is that this is much ado about nothing and the sooner we get past it the better,” while referring to Trump’s eagerness to take a more accommodative approach to the DoJ’s demands since he is currently bogged down by numerous legal battles. 

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Trump’s lawyers are currently pushing a theory in courts that all the documents that were seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago belonged to him. This is a theory he had heard from right-wing lawyer and activist Tom Fitton for the first time. In early Octobver, Trump had himself said on his social media platform TRUTH Social, “I want my documents back!”

Despite this sudden change of approach, Trump has usually been quite aggressive while responding to the search that was carried out at Mar-a-Lago, and had even accused the FBI of planting evidence at his Florida residence.