Former US president Donald Trump took the stage in Cullman, Alabama at a ‘Save America’ and said that he predicted a ‘disastrous’ Joe Biden presidency. Trump’s rally comes after the Taliban forces took over the entirety of Afghanistan and breached capital Kabul on Sunday, capping a lightning offensive across the country.

Their sudden victory, which comes as the US withdraws its forces from the country following a 20-year-war, has sparked chaos across the South Asian country and a visible humanitarian crisis.

“One year ago in my speech, I warned the country of the disastrous results of a Biden presidency, a lot of you remember it too,” he said.

“I predicted that he would release a wave of violent crime that would turn out cities into a nightmare of violence and bloodshed.”

“I told you this was going to be happening,” Trump added.

The former US president also said that chaos in Afghanistan didn’t have to happen.

“Our military is being given to the enemy. Biden failed totally on the pandemic and now he’s overseeing the greatest humiliation in the history of America,” Trump said.

“Biden’s botched withdrawal in Afghanistan is the greatest display of incompetence. And it didn’t have to happen,” he further added.

“This will go down as one of the great military retreats of all time and it did not have to happen that way.”

Keeping in mind the complete lawlessness in Afghanistan, Trump said that US troops may have to go back into Afghanistan.

“We may have to be forced to go in. Because this person that is running this country, made a horrific decision to take all our military out. We may not. But we may have to go in. And if you’re not prepared to go in, you’re never going to see those 45,000 people again,” Trump said.

Trump further said that Biden’s immigration policies turned the country into a ‘giant sanctuary’ for criminals.

“Joe Biden has shut down ICE and turned our country into a giant sanctuary for dangerous criminals.

“In the Republican party we believe our country should be a sanctuary for law abiding citizens, not dangerous killers,” Trump said.