Trump’s hair, and whether or not it’s real, has forever been a topic of humor on social media. This time, Donald Trump was trolled on social media for a ‘flock of seagulls’ and/or ‘elderly wolverine’ type haircut. The former President will on Thursday sit down with Sean Hannity for a Fox News town hall.

Trump’s haircut started a frenzy of memes on social media, with his anit-supporters roasting him for his alleged bad appearance.

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“Not sure if Trump is going for “Flock of Seagulls” or “Elderly Wolverine” today. He’s too far gone to even realize or care that he’s going on stage with his hair looking like this, and there’s no one around him to tell him otherwise. It’s clearly over for him,” a Twitter user said.

“Before I piss anyone off, let me start by saying I support Trump. But he really needs to stop with the hair. Looks like he is auditioning for the Flock of Seagulls. He needs a close cut and grow a VanDyke,” another one added.

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A third user on Twitter commented, “My guess is that HE thinks he looks fabulous,” while a fourth one said, “Donald, let’s get rid of that meager floating dyed top that takes two hours to pump up and go with a tight Biden trim. We want to see what you really look like.”

However, naturally, there were also many social media users who came to Trump’s rescue, backing him, with one of them posting, “President Donald Trump, we support you for speaking out what’s right for the people, and for trying hard to back what United of America used to be. We thank you for not given up, vote “YES” for “DONALD TRUMP.”

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On a similar note, another one said, “I’m still voting for Trump, I’ll always support him. He’s not right about everything either. He’s a human being. But todays speech, He still supports Vaccine. No Anger Management needed. Admit your mistake, apologize & move on! Righteous thing to do.”