Republican presidential nominee President Donald Trump’s Miami town hall with NBC news on Thursday started off with the most talked about topics — his COVID-19 infection and the timing of the report being made public.

Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden were scheduled to hold the second presidential debate on Thursday but it had to be called off due to Trump’s recent COVID-19 infection. They instead competed for TV audiences in dueling town halls.

Moderated by a fiesty Savannah Guthrie, the discussion directly dived into Trump’s coronavirus infection and he deflected some pointed questions with vague answers. When asked if he took a COVID-19 test, a prerequisite,  before the first Presidential debate, the 74-year-old president said, “I don’t remember when I took the test…I get tested a lot. I tested positive after the debate.” He also said that he “possibly” took a test the day of the first presidential debate, as was required.

When the moderator asked how severe his symptoms had been and whether tests had shown pneumonia, he said the doctors had told him his lungs were “a little bit different, a little perhaps infected.” When pressed for details of what the doctors said, the President said, “I don’t know,  I didn’t get too much into it.”

When asked to clear once and for all whether he supported the use of masks, Trump said, “I’m good with masks. I’m OK with masks. I tell people to wear masks.” Asked, if he supported herd immunity as strategy and thereby exposing people to risks, he refused to directly answer.

Trump scheduled the event at the last minute, and NBC drew criticism for agreeing to host the event at same time as Biden was holding his town hall with ABC News. Trump’s campaign chose to withdraw from the debate that had been scheduled for Thursday night after the debate commission changed it to a virtual format in response to the president’s coronavirus infection.