North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum criticized President Joe Biden’s economic policy at the second Republican primary debate on Wednesday. He cited the most recent auto strikes and blamed them on Biden’s market meddling. Burgum claimed that because of the interference, there was uncertainty and instability, which had a bad effect on both enterprises and employees.

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Doug Burgum cited President Biden’s green energy and electric vehicle tax rebates as contributing to the United Auto Workers strike. Since the switch to environmentally friendly automobiles is anticipated to necessitate much less labor, it is a key issue of dispute for the union. 

Burgum at the stage affirmed, “The reason why people are striking in Detroit is because Joe Biden’s interference with capital markets and with free markets. When you decide that we’re going to take all of your taxpayer monies, take a billion dollars to subsidize a certain type of vehicle — and the batteries come from China.”

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Burgum chastised Biden for interfering with free markets and the free flow of capital, pointing out the significant subsidies for a certain kind of vehicle and the reliance on Chinese batteries. A Democratic tax and spending package called the Inflation Reduction Act provides significant financing for green energy tax credits, including domestic manufacture of EV batteries and buyer incentives. In order to encourage broad EV usage by 2030, the Biden administration is also pushing for strict tailpipe emission regulations.

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He also added, “They’re literally destroying the planet so that we can make a battery that’s in a car subsidized here. That’s why they’re striking — because they need … less workers to build an electric car.”

According to Burgum, these regulations help to reduce the manpower required to construct electric vehicles, which is one of the reasons for the strike.