Officials in Denver reported that a male student at a local high school reportedly shot and injured two teachers at East High School. After that, the student ran away, prompting a widespread hunt for his whereabouts.

According to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas, the shooting at East High School was reported at 9:50 a.m. on Wednesday. When officers and emergency personnel quickly got on the scene, they discovered two adult men who had been shot.

According to him, one instructor is in stable condition while the other is in life-threatening condition.

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He claimed that the under-18-year-old pupil accused in the shooting was subject to a school safety plan that involved daily pat-downs. A handgun was discovered during the search on Wednesday, and bullets were fired in an office area in front of the school, far from other kids and personnel.

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“We are looking for the suspect,” Mayor Michael Hancock said. “We will find that suspect, and we will hold that suspect accountable for his actions this morning in placing everyone in danger and certainly wounding the two staff members who were doing their job and trying to keep everyone safe at the time.”

The mayor added that another pupil was rushed to a hospital due to an allergic response. When the shooting took place, paramedics were already inside the building, so they were able to start treating the injured right away.

Officials claimed that the suspect’s daily inspections were part of a “safety plan” that was the outcome of “previous behavior,” however they did not go into further detail. Following the shooting, a lockdown was imposed at the school. Afterward, Denver Public Schools said that it had gained permission to begin releasing students.

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After a 16-year-old student was shot and critically injured close to the school premises last month, East High School students attended a city council meeting to demand action on school security and gun violence. According to the superintendent, the school will now have two armed cops on duty until the end of the academic year.