Elon Musk, the head of Twitter, has finally spoken up following a devastating poll in which 57% of participants voted to have him removed as the head of the social media organization.

For the first time since more than 10 million users decided to ask for his resignation as Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk stated that only paid Twitter Blue customers will be able to participate in future polls pertaining to Twitter’s user policy.

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Musk polled Twitter users on Sunday about whether they thought he should leave his position as CEO, and he promised to follow the findings of the poll. 57.5% of those who responded to the survey on Monday said he should resign.

Musk, who frequently uses the platform, did not tweet immediately following the poll. His silence was finally broken when he said, “Interesting,” in response to several allegations that the poll’s findings were tainted by fake accounts.

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One tweet that caught the billionaire’s attention suggested that future polls on policy should only be open to paid Twitter Blue subscribers. “Good point. Twitter will make that change,” Musk answered.

Internet personality and convicted fraudster Kim DotCom made the unfounded allegation that the ‘deep state’ rigged the Twitter poll. DotCom tweeted directly to @ElonMusk, accusing the US government of controlling the “largest bot army on Twitter,” and gave the business magnate some advice: “let’s clean up then run this poll again.” Musk merely said, “Interesting.”

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Then he made a comment on a tweet from the Wall Street Silver Twitter account that contrasted the number of votes cast in the poll with the number of people who liked the tweet itself. “Did bots brigade the Elon poll yesterday?”

Once more, Musk’s response was simple: “Interesting.”

The original poll was started by the billionaire on Sunday night, just as he was coming under fire for a new policy that forbade users from linking to other social media platforms.

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Musk subsequently declared that Twitter would change the rule. More than 17 million people voted in the poll, and Monday morning’s findings revealed that 57.5 percent of them agreed that he should resign.

It is unclear whether Musk would follow through on his commitment to abide by the poll findings or if he will consider his supporters’ recommendations and conduct another poll.