Three adults and three nine-year-olds died in a tragic shooting that took place at The Covenant School in Nashville. Evelyn Dieckhaus, a third-grader, is one of the three children who were among the casualties. Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney are the other kids who were shot down.

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In a heartwrenching recent update, it was confirmed that 9-year-old Evelyn was murdered while attempting to activate the fire alarm to stop the transgender shooter from shooting her classmates.

Her family has called her a “shining light” and expressed how her passing has now left them ‘completely broken’. They claimed that, as the shooting on Monday was happening, she was desperately attempting to activate the fire alarm to request rescue.

Evelyn’s parents are Katy and Dr. Michael Dieckhaus. Also, she has an older sister named Eleanor.

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One of Evelyn’s instructors, Sarah Drury, said in a heartfelt obituary, “One of the 9-year-old victims of the Nashville school shooting goes to my church. Her name is Evelyn Dieckhaus. She was adorable. I taught her equally angelic big sister in Sunday Sunday school. Her mom Katy volunteered in our children’s ministry, such a sweet Christian family. We had a prayer vigil tonight at our church. We are, the whole city, saturated in grief. Now. It’s time to marry prayer and grief with action.”

The terrible event also resulted in the death of Pastor Chad Scruggs’ nine-year-old daughter Hallie Scruggs. Scruggs told Mark Davis, a senior pastor at Park Cities Presbyterian, “We really love each other.” Davis stated. “I listened to him lament. I listened to him also say, we know she’s in the arms of Christ and we know he loves her more than we did.”

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Unfortunately, not much information is available yet about the nine-year-old boy, William Kinney, who was also killed in the shooting.