Fashion Nova, the top online fashion store for women, annoyed many of their customers when they sent out promotional messages containing a cuss word. 

Screenshots of the alert went viral on Twitter with angry customers complaining about why the fashion outlet was sending them promotional messages at 10 am in the morning, which contained a cuss word. 

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“The Fashion Nova intern sending y’all those crazy text messages at 10 am,” one of the social media users wrote, while another noted, “Fashion nova do know how to grab attention.” A third stated, “Fashion Nova is gonna make me spend everytime.”

One more said, “Now when fashion nova start cussing?? i have had ENOUGH.” Another commented, “Why is Fashion Nova yelling at me so early in the damn morning.” One more noted, “Somebody please!! Fashion Nova I need to know who’s in charge!” Another tweeted, “Fashion nova be sending some ghetto a** text messages.”

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  Nine months ago, the founder and CEO of Fashion Nova Richard Saghian paid $126 million for Bel Air’s infamous “The One” estate. Though he already owned a swank vacation home on La Costa Beach, he splashed out $40 million on a much more impressive mansion sited atop exclusive Carbon Beach, earlier this month. It is located on a sandy strip of land known sometimes known as “Billionaires’ Beach” due to its many Forbes-listed homeowners. 

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The original asking price was $69 million last June. However, the price dropped to $49 million before Saghian bought it. The seller was nursing home mogul Lee Samson, who owns dozens of Windsor Healthcare facilities across California and Arizona.