A criminal suspect, wanted by the FBI barricaded themselves inside a Manhattan skyscraper condo and threatened to jump from the 31st floor of the building on Wednesday. A vertigo-inducing sight was seen by onlookers in the area as the suspect dangled their feet from the window of the condo.

The suspect has, so far, not been identified by the police. They reportedly positioned themself in a window at 150 West 56th Street, a 75-story skyscraper known as the Cityspire.

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A Twitter feed that monitored New York Police Department and New York Fire Department’s radio communications tweeted: “150 W 56th St off 7th Ave. The FBI was executing a warrant and the subject is now threatening to jump out a window FDNY staging, NYPD ESU, HNT, and TARU requested.” The footage was also shared on the crime-tracking app, Citizen.

Passersby could see glass shattering and falling from the window where the suspect was dangling their feet from. However, no injuries have been reported so far. NYPD, NYFD, as well as the FBI, was on the scene where the incident was unfolding. It was not immediately known what crime the suspect was wanted by the authorities for. The street where the incident was unfolding was cordoned off.

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Cityspire is a 75-story luxury condominium apartment building that offers ‘white-gloved service’ to its clientele. It is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York.