The Jan 6 House Committee has revealed text exchanges between Julie Radford, the former chief of staff to Ivanka Trump, and Hope Hicks, one of her aides at the White House, as part of the Capitol Riots hearings.

The exchange shows that the January 6 events made it hard for them to find their next job and they consider the former president’s actions responsible for it. 

“In one day he ended every future opportunity that doesn’t include speaking engagements at the local Proud Boys chapter,” Hicks wrote to Radford on the day of the insurrection.

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Radford then goes on to say how she already lost a job opportunity with Visa who duped her with a “blow off email”. She added that since the day of the event they are looked upon as “domestic terrorists” and those in the former president’s staff without an opportunity next lined up before the January 6 events, will end up “perpetually unemployed.”

Referring to Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former staff member of the Trumps in the White House who resigned from her post a month before the January 6 riots, Hicks says that “Alyssa looks like a genius.”

Hicks adds, “This made us all unemployable. Like untouchable. God, I’m so f***ing mad.”

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Hope Hicks was one of Donald Trump’s oldest staff members and the two were very close. The 34-year-old previously worked at the Trump Organization and when the former president stepped into the White House in 2017, she followed her. She held important posts in DC such as the director of communication.

She worked as an executive at Fox Corporation for a year and a half during Trump’s tenure, but returned in 2019, the former president’s final year in office, to be his counselor.

According to Cosmopolitan, Rashford is the daughter of US politician Suzanne Terrell who was the first Republican woman to be elected to statewide office in Louisiana. She has previously worked with the Bush administration as well.