A potentially dangerous and concerning tornado outbreak will likely happen on Friday evening as 30 million people across the South face the risk of strong thunderstorms that could also affect the region with damaging winds of over 80 miles per hour, large hail, and flooding rains.

Tornado Watches stretch from Texas through Tennessee and include major parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

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In the lower Mississippi Valley, the threat is particularly high as the supercells will be capable of producing EF-2 or stronger tornadoes, damaging wind gusts, and large hail.

According to Fox Weather meteorologist Jane Minar, “favorable wind shear is all going to come together across the Southeast … where we again continue to track this threat of severe weather throughout the day on Friday.”

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There is a major concern with threatening weather in the area around Greenville, Mississippi, which extends north to Memphis, Tennessee, south to Monroe, Louisiana, and west to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center has forecast a “significant” risk of severe weather and strong tornadoes, reaching level 4 on their 5-rung severe weather outlook scale.

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Jason Frazer, Fox Weather Meteorologist said, “If you are in that magenta-shaded area, you really need to be on alert.”

What to do when there is a tornado warning?

People should find the best place to shelter before severe weather is in the forecast. The government provides several in-depth resources about how to identify a safe shelter.

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When a tornado warning is issued, it is not safe to be in a vehicle. A vehicle can collapse in on itself, debris can penetrate it or it can be picked up and flung in extreme tornadoes. The tornado is likely to be surrounded by other bad weather that can make driving very dangerous.

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The best policy is to create a plan for your house about where you will seek shelter and what items you will need including food and medications.