A horrific mass stabbing incident occurred at the Fulton County Jail on Thursday afternoon. As per media reports, one inmate died, and two others were injured in the incident. 

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The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is not aware of the circumstances that led to the stabbings, and the conditions of the injured inmates are also unknown. According to the department, the situation is under control now. The investigation into the case is still on. The injured inmates have been rushed to the hospital. The injured inmates have been rushed to the hospital.

The Fulton County Jail has recently made a lot of headlines after former President Donald Trump and 18 other codefendants in the 2020 Georgia election case were booked there.

The Fulton County Jail has been under the radar for months due to several deaths at the facility and its poor conditions. As per reports, it is currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The investigation covers conditions at the jail, reports of excessive force, discrimination, and the failure to provide proper medical care.

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As per media reports, at least nine inmates have died inside the jail this year, with five of those deaths happened this month.

Earlier this month, at the jail, there were two such occurrences. A 40-year-old guy named Montay Stinson was discovered unconscious in his cell on July 31. There were no glaring indications of injuries, according to the sheriff’s office. Stinson was being held on a $3,000 bond for a second-degree burglary offense.

Then, on August 10 in the evening, a detention officer found Christopher Smith, age 34, to be unresponsive. Smith was revived and sent to a hospital, but regrettably, on the morning of August 11, he died. According to the sheriff’s office, Smith was being held on felony and misdemeanor charges without a bond being set.

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More occurrences took place this month. Alexander Hawkins, age 66, was discovered comatose in a medical unit cell on August 17 and later passed suddenly. Just over two weeks prior, Hawkins had been taken into custody on a charge of stealing with a $5,000 bond.