A shot was fired near Georgetown University Hospital on Saturday, according to police. However, no injuries have been reported.

The Metropolitan Police Department said that officers responded around 4:43 PM on Saturday to the area of 38th Street and Reservoir Road in Northwest Washington D.C. A man and woman got into an argument and began struggling over a gun.

The discharge of the firearm did not cause harm to anyone in the vicinity, and there were no reported injuries resulting from the occurrence. 

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According to law enforcement officials, the perpetrator fled the area after the altercation, and authorities are currently in pursuit of the suspect. It is unclear what triggered the dispute as investigators have not disclosed any information on the matter.

As reported by Forbes, the US witnessed four separate shootings in different states on Sunday, pushing the number of mass shootings to 102 for this year. This is the earliest point in at least ten years that the number of mass shootings has exceeded one hundred, with 149 people dead and almost 400 injured. 

The deadliest shootings occurred in January, where one left twelve dead and another where a suspected gunman killed seven people at two locations. Comparatively, by this time last year, there were 69 mass shootings resulting in 89 deaths, while in 2021, there were 75 mass shootings and 78 deaths.

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According to the Gun Violence Archive, a mass shooting is classified as an incident that results in the death or injury of at least four individuals, excluding the shooter. Recent mass shootings have taken place in multiple states such as Maryland, Florida, Louisiana, and Illinois. 

In some cases, authorities have apprehended suspects linked to these incidents. The United States still confronts the ongoing issue of gun violence and mass shootings.