Texas Governor Greg Abbott was roasted on social media for mentioning US President Joe Biden frequently in his pre-election debate against Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke on Friday. The two spoke on various issues including gun legislation, abortion, immigration, property tax and education. 

However, Abott, in the first half of the debate, blamed Biden for most of the issues he was asked to talk about. 

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When questioned about border security and his Operation Lone Star, Abbott said that the policy failed because of Joe Biden’s failures. 

Both O’ Rourke and Abbott agreed that no more money “should” go toward Operation Lone Star.

“Because it should be the Biden Administration footing the bill and fixing the problem, not Texas,” governor Abbott said. 

“Because Operation Lone Star is a failure,” his democratic opponent added. 

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Social media users slammed the Texas governor for blaming Biden. 

“Greg Abbott who has been governor for 8 years saying all his mistakes are Biden’s fault who has been president how long again? #TXGovDebate,” one person tweeted. 

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“I’m sorry, is Greg Abbott debating Joe Biden? Don’t drink when you hear the name “Biden” out of Abbott’s mouth tonight, You’d die of alcohol poisoning,” another one said. 

“Is Abbott debating Beto or Biden? I’m confused. Does he understand in which race he’s running?” a third one added. 

O’Rourke and Abbott also spoke about gun violence. Talking about the mass shooting in Uvalde, the Demoratic candidate blasted the governor’s lack of action. The 50-year-old quoted the Texas governor from May when he said that the situation ‘could have been worse’. 

 Parents of some of the 19 children killed in the Uvalde school massacre travelled to attend the debate on Friday. However, live audience was not allowed.