At least three people were injured after a helicopter carrying six people crashed in a lava field on Hawaii Island near South Point on Wednesday evening. All passengers were extricated and treated on the scene before being transported to nearby hospitals. Two of the passengers were reported to be in critical condition and were airlifted to the hospital. 

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Cyrus Johnasen, a public information officer for Hawaii County, told Associated Press that it was a tour helicopter with a pilot and five passengers.

He said the authorities received the initial report of the crash around 5.30 pm. The helicopter had crashed near the southern most tip of the Big Island. As the site was inaccessible by vehicle, the Hawaii Fire Department sent two helicopters to take victims to ambulances waiting on nearby roads.

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The pilot, a man in his 50s, had reportedly been trapped in the helicopter but was later extracted. He was in serious but stable condition.

An 18-year-old woman was reported to be in serious and worsening condition. Four other passengers were reported as ambulatory.

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