A phone belonging to Highland Park shooting suspect, Robert Crimo III, was reportedly found near a business in Middleton, Wisconsin.

The owner of Jim’s Auto Repair, located on the 6500 block of University Avenue, told 27 News the phone was found at his business.

The phone “was recovered yesterday by the FBI, and it’s being processed right now,” Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesperson Chris Covelli said during a Wednesday press conference.

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Authorities said Crimo got rid of his phone in Middleton, a Madison-area suburb located in Dane County.

Covelli also said the suspect in the Fourth of July parade shooting was in the Madison and Middleton area following the shooting. Crimo “seriously contemplated” another attack in the Madison area after seeing a celebration.

The shooter had “approximately 60 rounds” at the time he spotted that second celebration, Covelli said.

“We don’t have information to suggest he planned on driving to Madison initially to commit another attack. We do believe that he was driving around following the first attack and saw the celebration,” Covelli said. “Indications are that he hadn’t put enough thought and research into it,” Covelli added.

The suspect was denied bail in his first court appearance before Judge Theodore Potkonjak.

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“There was probable cause at this time to hold him on seven counts of first-degree murder,” Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart said. “We have filed those counts, alleging the intentional killing of seven individuals. Based on the information that the investigation has produced so far, the judge found that the evidence was at such a level that he could held without bond, also because the fact that it is a mandatory life sentence.”

Rinehart also said the shooting suspect will likely face additional charges. Officials may charge Crimo with aggravated discharge of a weapon for “every time he fired a bullet,” whether he hit someone or not.

Meanwhile, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that the suspect could face federal charges.

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While speaking at an event in London on Chinese espionage, Wray said the bureau is working with state and local authorities on the investigation.

“If the facts gathered end up supporting a federal prosecution, then we will work with the U.S. attorney’s office to pursue prosecution on the federal side as well,” he said.