Hollister High School on Thursday informed parents that authorities have lifted the lockdown on their campus. The California school further added that the message was triggered by an error in the public address system.

No shooting has been reported in the school.

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“Today’s lockdown message during lunch at Hollister High School was triggered by an error in the public address system, in which an automatic message was inadvertently broadcast. After consulting with the Hollister Police Department, school officials have lifted the lockdown and students are being released to their 3rd Block classes. Any parent wishing to pick their student(s) up may do so by following the normal protocols for check out. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter. Student safety is our number one priority,” the message read.

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A glitch in the PA system during lunchtime resulted in it broadcasting an automated lockdown message. The message warned students to an active shooter on campus, according to the Hollister Police Department. Students were allowed to return to their scheduled classes after the lockdown.

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Any parents who want to check out their child early can do so by following the usual procedures, the police said. Parents were urged by the police not to arrive at the school and to give it some time to resume regular operations.

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“All of our available personnel responded to the scene including administrative, training, code enforcement, investigative, and patrol staff. The San Benito Sheriff’s Office deployed their patrol and administrative staff to the school in support of our response,” the police added.