Gun-related violence is a sad reality of American society that cannot be ignored. Gun control is seriously limited in the country leading to records of the most significant number of mass shootings per year. 

The year 2023 has contributed to 129 mass shooting incidents until 27th March, when a gunman shot up a Covenant School in Nashville. Audrey Hale was the identified gunman who shot and killed six people in the school, including three students. 

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In the past few years, America has faced a surge in gun violence, with the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) recording that annually, over 600 cases of mass shootings take place in the U.S. The GVA has described a mass shooting incident as killing or injuring four or more people. If only school shootings are taken into the purview, children within the age range of 6 to 7 have also faced the repercussions of uncontrolled gun usage. 

Gun-related deaths have only increased. From 2019 to 2022, there has been a 31% increase in gun-related deaths in the country. Even active shooter incidents have increased since the 2000s, with a report noting that 10 of the country’s most dangerous mass shooting incidents took place from 2007 onwards. 

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Gun ownership among the country’s citizens has seen an even sharper rise. Today, the U.S. population owns more guns than they ever did before. Within one year. 2020 witnessed a 65% rise in the gun-owning population. 

Laws relating to gun safety and ownership are also highly lax in the U.S., While a state in America like California has some of the strictest gun laws. However, federal law does not propose that background checks be conducted during the online sale of firearms. 

Numerous socio-political, psychological, and ideological factors can explain the country’s rising instances of gun violence. However, it must be noted that no other country allows such easy access to individuals without strict documentation.