Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, has been ordered to appear in court next month and he faces potential imprisonment if he refrains from answering questions about his child support case.

Lunden Roberts, 32, the mother of Biden’s child launched her case in Batesville, Arkansas court in May 2019. He demanded child support for their daughter Navy Joan Roberts. Biden had initially denied that the child was his.

Later he asked the court to reduce his payments to the baby mama and to deny the request to change Navy’s last name to Biden.

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Hunter Biden’s ongoing obligation to provide financial support for a child and his mother, with whom Biden is believed to have had a relationship, will be determined during a two-day bench trial, according to an Independence County court.

After attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s child, claimed that the president’s son was disobeying the judge’s May order to turn over information on his finances, Judge Holly Lodge Meyer, who is overseeing Hunter Biden’s child support case in Arkansas, issued an order Monday. It stated that President Joe Biden’s son must appear on July 10 at the Independence County Courthouse in Batesville to “explain why he should not be held in contempt.”

The Arkansas lady filed the initial paternity complaint in May 2019, alleging that Biden owed child support. Despite his denials, a DNA test proved that Biden was the kid’s father, and in 2020 he agreed to pay child support on a monthly basis, going back to November 2018.

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Hunter and Roberts reached a $2.5 million settlement in 2020, but the matter was later reopened, and the president’s son is currently fighting to have his payments reduced in an Arkansas court.

The request for sanctions and contempt was submitted to the court by Roberts’ attorney, Clinton Lancaster, in May. He claimed that “the defendant was ordered to do something, and he did not,” and that “that is a habit and a game for Mr. Biden.”

The judge ruled in May that Hunter will be required to appear in depositions in June where he will be questioned extensively about his income.

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Recently, the judge stated that Hunter Biden was being sought out for “punishment or sanctions” by Roberts’ legal team, and she herself would give it some thought. This includes “incarceration for criminal contempt for a period of up to six months” as well as “incarceration for civil contempt until such time as the defendant fully answers discovery for a period of up to six months.”

According to Meyer, Hunter Biden “is hereby given notice that his ‘ability to pay’ is or may become a critical issue in the contempt proceeding” and that the president’s son “will have the opportunity at the hearing to respond to statements and questions about his financial status.” According to the judge, Hunter Biden “is subject to an express finding by the court that he has the ability to pay.”