An Idaho high school faces backlash as students post an offensive Instagram photo spelling a racial slur behind a mixed-race girl.

A high school in Idaho is facing criticism and outrage after an offensive image emerged on Instagram. In the photo, a group of students is seen spelling out a vile racial slur on their T-shirts while standing behind a mixed-race girl who lies on the ground. All seven individuals in the image are also holding up the middle finger.

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The image was originally posted by a student at Salmon High School but has since been deleted from Instagram. The incident has sparked intense backlash, with many expressing their concerns about racial targeting and bullying within the school.

(Photo: Representational/unsplash)

Salmon School District Superintendent Troy Easterday has taken disciplinary action against the students involved and informed law enforcement and board members about the incident. Easterday emphasized that the district does not condone such behavior and that the students claim the post was not made maliciously. He stated, “At this time, the administrative team of the Salmon school district is investigating this post and will keep the community aware within the legal confines of the law.”

Parents in the community have voiced their concerns, with some fearing that students of color are being targeted and harassed. One mother, who has mixed-race children, described the post as “disgusting and a hate crime” and expressed her fear of repercussions if she spoke out more forcefully. Another parent questioned whether the students involved would face appropriate consequences and is considering withdrawing her children from the district.

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Despite the outrage and condemnation, Easterday asserted that he had not encountered such a situation during his tenure as district chief. He stated that the district takes such incidents seriously and acts swiftly to address them.