Officials in town north of Honolulu issued evacuations order on Tuesday due to intermittent rain in the capital city. On Monday, people on the island of Maui were asked to leave their houses due to fear of a dam breach. The rainfall has caused catastrophic flooding from a stream and the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management directed people to leave Haleiwa town on Oahu’s North Shore, according to an Associated Press report. Torrential rains have hit Hawaii for the past several days and several areas have been inundated.

On Monday, the National Weather Service reported 33.5 centimeters of rain in Haiku area and the entire state was under a flash flood watch.

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According to AP, Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino’s office said nearly six homes on Maui and two bridges were heavily damaged and he urged people to be vigilant.

More than a dozen trapped due to rising waters called the Maui Fire Department for help.

Shan Tsutsui, chief operating officer of Mahi Pono, told AP, though the water was overflowing over the top of the dam’s reservoir, the dam itself did not fail.

One evacuation center remained open Tuesday for anyone needing shelter.

The mayor also urged tourists to stay in their hotel rooms or wherever they were staying.

In 2006, a dam failure killed seven people on the island of Kauai.