Recent online speculation has centered on Ivanka Trump’s alleged decision to change her surname to ‘Kushner.’

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The rumor gained traction after reports that she was attempting to distance herself from her father, Donald Trump. However, It is important to note that this rumor is false and lacks substantial evidence.

Ivanka Trump, a prominent business and political figure, has gone by her given name her entire professional and personal life. While she is married to Jared Kushner, who is also involved in politics, there is no credible evidence that Ivanka has formally changed her last name.

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The rumors got fumed after a recent Insider piece titled “Call Her Ivanka Kushner,” was published, where legal analyst Andrew Lieb offered his thoughts on Ivanka Trump’s efforts to reshape her public image.

However, Rumours and gossip frequently make their way into the public eye, particularly when they involve high-profile individuals such as the Trump family. In this case, the speculation is most likely fueled by the ongoing scrutiny of the Trumps’ public image and family dynamics.

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As the rumor surfaced on Twitter, several users voiced their opinions on the public platform. One user tweeted, “And I told you THIS would happen. Yes, of course, Entitlement Barbie changes her name away from the toxic Trump into Kushner. Duh. She flipped against Daddy two years ago. This was obviously coming.”

Another user taking a dig at Ivanka wrote, “Changing your last name from Trump to Kushner is like changing your last name from Hitler to Mussolini”.

Many users also bashed her and his husband Jared Kushner for sidelining Trump after making money in his administration. One user wrote, “Ivanka and Jared Kushner are throwing Daddy Donald under the bus while they siphoned off $$$ Millions.”

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Though it is clear that the rumor is false. Untrue information spreads quickly in the age of social media, where news and rumors can easily go viral.