Hollywood’s ‘Wonder Woman’, Gal Gadot, who will be next seen in the sequel of the movie said on Tuesday that
the upcoming project was so far the toughest acting job in her career as the ‘Wonder
Woman 1984’ team wanted to raise the bar with the new part, reported AFP.

Stating the
challenges came with the project, Gadot said, “Unlike other superhero movies
that are heavily dependent on computer generated imagery (CGI) to execute
high-octane stunt sequences, Wonder Woman 1984 mostly has real people pulling
off the choreography.”

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“When you see
it in the movie, you can tell it’s the real deal – be it the facial
expressions, weight, movement and speed. It was the hardest movie I ever got to
shoot by far but it was worth it,” the actor told reporters at the film’s
virtual global press conference from Los Angeles.

The actor added
that humongous commercial and critical success of the previous movie was all the more reason to not take a risk with the sequel, and thus the
extra efforts.

“We wanted to
raise the bar, give everything we have. We knew people were so much invested in
and cared about the character” she added.

The ‘Fast and Furious’ actor also described
final battle between Wonder Woman and Cheetah, as ‘one of the most unbelievably
complex scenes’ for which they had to build an entire set from scratch.

“There was no
stage big enough in the world to execute it. We had Cirque du Soleil performers
practising the moves and show us what they are going to look like and these
guys have to end up doing it,” she added.

Next on the line
was one of the most surprising pick of the movie, Kristen Wiig, mostly known
for her comedic turns who called playing a villain a rather “scary but fun

“I don’t
really get asked to do these kinds of things. I’m a superhero geek. I haven’t
done anything like this before. We really didn’t want her to be a mousy girl
turned villain. We wanted it to be – what is it about her that makes her so
lonely, invisible and what does she want?” she added.

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Wonder Woman 1984, a highly anticipated follow-up to the 2017 DC superhero blockbuster, will see
Gadot reprise her role as the Amazonian warrior Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman and
director Patty Jenkins return at the helm.

While the first
film was about Wonder Woman’s birth and her discovery of humanity, the
sequel explores how she lives with this human world.

The film also
features Chris Pine as Captain Steve Trevor, along with Robin Wright as
Antiope, and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta, Diana’s aunt and mother,

“Wonder Woman
1984” is set to be released in Indian cinemas on December 24 in English,
Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.