Conservative political commentator and media host, Ben Shapiro went on a Twitter rant about antisemitism and its perception after actor Whoopi Goldberg said Holocaust was ‘not about race’ on Monday.

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The columnist wrote, “Whoopi Goldberg explaining that the Holocaust wasn’t about race because these were “two groups of white people” isn’t just insipid, it’s insidious.”

He further added, “The intersectional argument is that Jews are white people, and that Jews are disproportionately successful thanks to “white supremacy.” Because racism is “animus plus power,” and Jews are powerful because they are white, anti-Semitism from non-white supremacists isn’t bigotry.”

Slamming the Left ideology, he said, “Anti-Semitism, in this theory, is only present when it springs from actual white supremacists. Other acts of anti-Semitism are just a reflection of the dispossessed lashing out against those who have more institutional power.”

“The attempt to abstract the causes of the Holocaust from Jew-hatred to “man’s inhumanity to man” is actually a way of obscuring and covering for anti-Semitism,” Shapiro concluded in the last tweet of the thread.

On ABC’s panel show The View, on which Whoopi Goldberg is a panelist, they were discussing about a Tennessee school dropping Maus, the graphic novel from its texts because of its nudity.

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Goldberg commented, “Personally I am shocked because given the story of Maus I am surprised that that’s what made you uncomfortable… It’s about the Holocaust, the killing of 6 million people, but that didn’t bother you. This is white people doing it to white people so y’all go fight amongst yourselves but…”

‘The Colour Purple’ actor was slammed by critics and the public alike for her comments. An online petition for the ABC Network to fire her gathered 25,000 signatures in eight hours. The network has not yet made any comments on this matter.