More of Jeffrey Epstein’s private emails and calendars revealed that the late, disgraced financier and convicted pedophile was connected to a vast network of influential people, including comedian Chris Rock, tech billionaire Peter Thiel, model Irina Shayk, entrepreneur Wendi Murdoch, and business magnate Richard Branson.

According to the documents reviewed by Daily Mail, the accused sex trafficker was connected to many elite people, even after serving 13 months in prison for indulging in underage sex. After being labeled as a registered sex offender, Epstein south to rehabilitate his image by scheduling to meet many influential people on his list, including Shayk. Rock. Murdoch and Branson.

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Additional names that appear in the hundreds of pages in the files include Thiel, artist Jeff Koons, JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon and music industry executive Tommy Mottola, who is Mariah Carey’s ex-husband.

Epstein’s estate handed over these files to the government of the US Virgin Islands, where the late billionaire owned 2 private islands.

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The investigation against Epstein began back in 2005 by police in Palm Beach, Florida after a parent reported that he had sexually abused her 14-year-old daughter. In 2008 Epstein pleaded guilty and was convicted by a Florida state court of procuring a child for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute. He served almost 13 months in custody. Eventually, federal officials identified 36 girls, some as young as 14 years old, all of whom accused Epstein of sexually abusing them.

On July 6, 2019, Epstein was arrested on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York. He died in his Manhattan jail cell on August 10, 2019, while awaiting trial. The medical examiner ruled that his death was a suicide by hanging.