Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America. With America reeling under COVID-19 and an economic crisis, citizens are hoping that the new President would bring a positive change.

With the newly elected president assuming office on January 20, the World has been introduced to the First family of America. Read on to know what the Bidens are like.

Joseph R Biden Senior and Catherine Eugenia Finnegan: Parents of the President of America

Even though a lot hasn’t been mentioned about Joe Biden’s parents, the couple that got married back in 1941 had a successful marriage for 61 years. While his mother passed away in  2010, Joe Biden’s father died in 2002. The couple together, raised four children namely Joe, Francis, James and Valerie.

Jill Biden: The First Lady of the United States

Jill Biden is an American educator who is also the first lady of America. Born in Hammonton, New Jersey, Jill moved to Delaware for college. She graduated from the University of Delaware in 1975. Jill confirmed in an interview that Joe had proposed to him for marriage five times before she said yes because after having had broken marriage, she was hesitant. 

After graduating from the University of Delaware, Jill began working in local schools as an English teacher and even at a psychiatric hospital.

In 1981, she earned her first master’s degree in reading from the West Chester University and was awarded her second  degree in the English language in 1987 from the Villanova University. The doting mother balanced her studies  along with raising her family.

Francis, James and Valerie Biden: The Biden Siblings

Born in 1945, Valerie Biden Owens is a political strategist, campaign manager and former educator from America. She is the younger sister of U.S. President Joe Biden and the former US President Barack Obama nominated her as advisor to the United Nations 71st General Assembly.

She has played a substantial role in all of her brother’s political campaigns. For the 2020 campaign, Valerie played the role of a  senior advisory and was also active on the campaign trail. 

Francis W Biden and james Biden are the younger brothers of President Joe Biden.

Hunter, Ashley and Joseph and Naomi: Children of the President of the United States

President Joe Biden fathered four children from his two marriages. He had Hunter, Joseph and Naomi from his first wife Neilia Hunter Biden and Ashley with Jill. Naomi was just a year old when she and Neilia lost their lives in a tragic car accident. Hunter and Joseph had also suffered major head injuries but the boys could be saved. 

Joseph Biden, born in 1969, lost his life in 2015 after battling with brain cancer.

Robert Hunter Biden was born on February 4, 1970 in Wilmington, Delaware. During the 2020 Presidential election, he was targeted by the Trump administration due to his connections with Ukrainian holdings company Burisma, arguing that Joe Biden engaged in nepotism to get Hunter his position as a member of the board.

Joe Biden also has two dogs, Champ and Major, both of which are German Shepherds.