With followers of the much-discussed QAnon conspiracy theory currently
split over how to react to the inauguration of Joe Biden – the 46th
President of the United States of America – several strands of reactions have
come up on the internet recently, many of shock and despair, as Biden’s
inauguration as US President deviated from the popular belief of Trump
remaining President and punishing his enemies in the ‘deep state’.

The group, reportedly with a multitude of different interpretations
and sub-ideologies, essentially believes Trump to be their saviour who fights
elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in the ranks of the government, in the
media and big businesses, as per a report by BBC.

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However, following Biden’s oath, some in the community had a rude

“It’s done and we were played,” BBC quoted one user as saying on
Telegram, which was reiterated by thousands more in platforms such as the
aforementioned and Gab, after mainstream social media portals taking stringent
measures against QAnon content.

“This is a very difficult day for all of us,” said one
influencer whose Twitter account with 200,000 followers was recently suspended.

“Today’s inauguration makes no sense to the Christian patriots and we thought
‘the plan’ was the way we would take this country back”, wrote another user.

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‘Trust the plan’ – seemingly the tagline and the motto clubbed
together for QAnon, was put to question. The tagline originated in the past
from a 4chan post by a user signing off as ‘Q’, believed popularly by followers
of the group thereafter as an influential government insider.