The “Justice for J6” organised by Look Ahead America is
anticipated to begin at noon in the Union Square near the Capitol Reflecting
Pool. In a press conference Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger stated, “Our mission tomorrow is our mission every day, and that is to protect everyone’s rights to free speech and to allow them to lawfully demonstrate.”

A permit application submitted to the Capital Police Board sought the
permission for a demonstration with 700 attendees. However, experts are
expecting a greater number of people to attend.

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The police have revealed receiving intel on possible
violence during the rally but are hoping for a peaceful demonstration. But
after the threats for January 6 turned out to be true, the police aren’t
willing to take any chances.

National Guard has been asked to be on standby and support
has been requested from neighbouring police departments. A temporary perimeter facing
has also been installed around the Capitol. The biggest potential threat comes
from clashes between rallygoers and counterdemonstrators.

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The rally organisers are protesting that those charges with
federal crimes during the January riots are ‘political-prisoners’. Matt Branvnard,
who is the face of the rally has put the blame of the violence which occurred on
January 6 on a few bad actors.

An event which denounces the presence of Jan. 6 white
supremacists will be held just one mile from the site of the rally. It is being
described as a celebratory event and the organizers have encouraged families to
bring children.

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A part of the right-wing extremists is speculating that the
rally in support of those arrested during the January 6 riots is nothing but a
trap set up by the federal officials in order to arrest them. This has
discouraged a section of supporters from attending the demonstration.

D.C. Police Chief Robert J. Contee has said that the police
will be enforcing “no gun zones” around demonstration areas. This bans all
persons, including those with a conceal-carry permit, from carrying a weapon
within 1,000 feet of First-Amendment activity. Any individual found in possession
of weapons will have police action taken against them.