Claudia Conway, the 15 year-old-daughter of Trump ally Kellyanne Conway announced on Sunday via Twitter that she is “pushing for emancipation”.

Kellyanne Conway is the Counselor to President Donald Trump and will address the Republican Convention that will held from August 23 to August 27. Kellyanne has been a Trump loyalist since 2015, when Donald announced his candidature for the post of the US President.

Her daughter Claudia expressed her frustration with her family on the social media platform through her tweet, writing, “I’m officially pushing for emancipation. buckle up because this is probably going to be public one way or another, unfortunately. Welcome to my life.”

Prior to her emancipation tweet, Conway expressed her frustration at her mom and stated that her mother’s decision had devastated her beyond comparison.

She tweeted “I’m devasted that my mother is actually speaking at the RNC. like DEVASTATED beyond compare”

Empathetic netizens on Twitter expressed their concern for the 15-year old and urged her to “take care” and suggested that she deserved “to live in a healthy environment.”

She also stated that she had taken recourse to Twitter to express her passion and her individuality. She also expressed her gratitude by thanking people who supported her. In a later tweet, she wrote“I have been using social media as an outlet to express my passions, individuality, and to shed light on some hardships. I have been vulnerable for a reason. thank you for supporting me. ”

15-year-old Conway also pointed out how her mother’s job had ruined her life. 

Talking about her mother’s career choice, Conway wrote “ my mother’s job ruined my life to begin with. heartbreaking that she continues to go down that path after years of watching her children suffer. selfish. it’s all about money and fame, ladies and gentlemen.”

Conway did not hold back from criticizing her father George Conway and wrote “as for my dad, politically, we agree on absolutely nothing. we just both happen to have common sense when it comes to our current president. stop “stanning” him”

George Conway who recently started the Lincoln Project is a known Trump critic and but that did not deter her daughter from criticizing him, as the 15-year old said that she did not agree with her father on any issue.

Conway however later clarified on Twitter that her decision to emancipate from her family was not because of her mother’s job but because of years of abuse and trauma.

She wrote, “y’all love to twist everything.I’m not getting emancipated because of my mom’s job.. it is because of years of childhood trauma and abuse.”