Lady Gaga posted a behind-the-scenes photo on Tuesday from
the sets of upcoming Ridley Scott movie ‘House of Gucci’, seemingly setting off
an interested social media fanbase after them.

Posing alongside fellow actor Adam
Driver, the US singer displayed was seen in a retro outfit worn by Patrizia
Reggiani. Driver, on the other hand, plays the part of Reggiani’s ex-husband
and fashion legend, Mauricio Gucci.

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‘The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness,
Glamour, and Greed’, the book that fuelled this adaptation, narrates the tales
from the renowned Gucci family, and Reggiani, who was convicted of plotting the
murder of Gucci.

‘Signore e Signora Gucci’, what Lady Gaga captioned the
picture to be on Instagram, translates in Italian to ‘Mr. and Mrs. Gucci’, and the
picture conveys so, with Gaga adorned with pieces of gold jewellery, a black
outfit and what looks like a headgear made of fur alongside a sharp-looking
Driver, who wears a knitted sweater, big glasses, white pants and a jacket tied
around his waist.

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While Instagram was stunned at the photo, Twitter as usual
did its thing, with users turning it into a potential meme template, superimposing
bugs bunny, adding Star Wars robots, and BuzzFeed Editor Sam Stryker appearing
in the thread, asking if she was Italian.

Just another day in the Twitterverse.