The Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon has been placed under lockdown after a report of an armed person on campus. County Sheriff’s Office and Eugene Police have responded to the situation.

The Sheriff’s Office said there have been no reports of shots fired or injuries.

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“We’re methodically searching the school. As students that are on campus are deemed safe to be able to leave, they’re able to do so,” said Lane County Sergeant Tom Speldrich.

“At this point, there have been no confirmed sightings of an armed person. There have been no reports of any shots being fired. There have been no reports of any injuries, but of course we take the report very seriously and we’re using a large number of resources to be able to confirm the safety of these students and staff members.”

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The lockdown was lifted at 3:22 pm, about two hours after it began. The campus was told over loudspeakers, “You may now retrieve items and immediately leave campus. The campus will be closed for the rest of the day.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, there is no credible threat and there have been no reports of shots fired or injuries. The school website stated there was a report of an armed person in Building 1. The situations of the initial report of an armed person on campus are being investigated, the Sheriff’s Office stated.

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The college tweeted that classes have been canceled and asked people not to come to campus.

Authorities spent nearly two hours searching the campus and evacuating students and staff who were sheltering in place.

Initially, students received a text at 1.52 pm that said, “LaneAlert: Report of an armed individual on LCC main campus. Shelter in place and await further instruction.”

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Two more alerts from LCC at around 2.30 pm said law enforcement was on the scene and those indoors should shelter in place. Those outside were asked to leave the campus.