A suspect who was accused of assaulting at least 4 people with a knife in Long Beach, California has been shot dead in a police shooting. Police rushed to the scene before noon, where they shot down the suspect after locating him in the West Coast city.

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As reported by media outlets, at least four people were attacked by a knife near the Belmont Shore area in Long Beach. 

After the attack was reported, several police officers were deployed at the crime area. As soon as the accused noticed the forces, he tried to flee the scene and was shot down by the police officers in the process, as confirmed by witnesses.

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Police also confirmed that no civilians were harmed during the shooting, and took care of public safety. One of the victims who was assaulted was referred to a local hospital and others with minor injuries were treated at the scene only.

Police also added that the accused who was shot by the police was also rushed to the local hospital.

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Ray Vannatta, a local resident, said he was in his nearby home when his wife alerted him to the severe chaos as the stabbing spree occurred. He also stated that when he looked across the street at a park, he saw what appeared to be a fight, with one man punching another person repeatedly while onlookers screamed and begged for help.

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He also confirmed that the assault happened before noon in the Belmont Shore area, and he reported it to the police before rushing to the scene. He noticed an assailant with a knife assaulting people.

No details have been revealed as of now about the suspect and the victim.