A man protesting outside Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home on Sunday was seen carrying a gun on Sunday.

“Bidens are criminals, 20 shell companies?! Where’s the laptop? 10% for the big guy” read one side of a sign carried by the man who was dressed in a yellow and orange safety vest. The other side of the sign read: “Joe has aliases?! Robert L. Peters, Robin Ware, JRN Ware.”

The man, who was carrying a gun in his side-hip holster, walked down the road toward the president’s home. He was trailed by Secret Service agents. He walked by a press pool who were assigned to over the POTUS. He was not stopped by anyone as Delaware is an open-carry state.

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Biden arrived in Wilmington Friday evening. He flew back to the White House Sunday afternoon. He is scheduled to travel to New York City for a series of fundraisers and to participate in the UN General Assembly.

It was not immediately clear if Biden had already left Delaware by the time the man with the gun started protesting outside his house on Sunday.

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Former Democratic Party Chair Chris D. Jackson wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “An armed man has been spotted near President Biden’s home in Delaware spouting the same utter nonsense House Republicans and Trump have put forward. These idiots are going to get someone hurt or killed and there is no accountability whatsoever. Simply unbelievable.”