Memphis witnessed the funeral of Tyre Nichols on Wednesday following his brutal murder by five Memphis police officers. The funeral was all over the internet with people in large numbers attending it both physically and virtually. It was also attended by US Vice President Kamala Harris. Interestingly, some man came to the funeral dressed up in cop’s uniform wearing a Nazi armband.

The internet went on a frenzy noticing this unimagined encounter at such a high profile case. Nichols’ death has shook the American society and began calls for Black Lives Matter once again. The funeral, which was also attended by George Floyd’s family, had all the eyes across the globe.

A video of his funeral was widely shared on social media pages where the man in the cop’s uniform with the forbidden dictator’s band on his arms, can be seen. Netizens were astonished to see such a spectacle and have reacted differently over their social media handles.

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Some have expressed their shock, while some were extremely appalled by the man’s audacity. They have openly criticized the man for being disrespectful to Nichols’ and his family.

Some users have also wondered how this man was allowed in with so much security and crowd. The images of this man with a clearly visible Nazi armband left people questioning how he has not been arrested yet.

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The man is being called a troll by many, however there is no news on his identity so far. People have been speculating on his whereabouts but there doesn’t seem to be any information regarding that. The question, however remains, what was this man trying to do wearing a Nazi Swastika on such a sensational and unfortunate event.

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Was he trying to make a statement or was he just disrespecting Nichols’ death? There questions continue to pour in as the video of the Swastika mystery man goes viral.