A shocking video has emerged capturing a distressing incident in which a group of up to 40 teenagers mercilessly beat a trio of off-duty Marines on a California beach. The altercation began when the Marines politely requested the teens to cease lighting fireworks. The video, which quickly went viral, portrays the Marines being pursued by the aggressive mob near San Clemente Pier Bowl on a late Friday evening during the Memorial Day weekend.

According to one of the attacked servicemen, Hunter Antonino, the Marines identified themselves as members of the military, hoping it would persuade the teens to back off. However, their attempts were in vain, as the mob relentlessly pursued them. As the Marines ascended a set of steps, members of the group behind them shouted expletives, culminating in one individual launching a surprise sucker punch at the trailing Marine.

Reacting swiftly, the targeted Marine discarded what he held and lunged at his assailant, successfully knocking him down. In a matter of seconds, the mob swarmed around the Marine, bombarding him with wild punches and hurling verbal abuse.

The attack persisted until a concerned man and woman intervened, imploring the mob to stop the assault. Although the video captures only a minute of the ordeal, it is evident that numerous individuals participated in the attack. While one other Marine was also assaulted, he was not visible in the footage.

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The Orange County Sheriff’s Department, initially estimating the involvement of 10 to 30 teens and young adults, acknowledged that the actual number was likely higher. They vowed to conduct a thorough investigation, ensuring that all responsible individuals are identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sergeant Frank Gonzalez of the sheriff’s department classified the incident as an assault with a deadly weapon due to the significant number of suspects involved.

Despite the brutal nature of the assault, all victims, who were confirmed to be Marines, declined medical attention. However, Hunter Antonino expressed concerns about a potential concussion resulting from the stomping he endured during the attack.

According to Antonino, the Marines had requested the teens to cease lighting fireworks after debris struck him in the face. The servicemen approached the group, as they were being disruptive and causing annoyance to others nearby. The Marines sought to resolve the situation amicably by addressing the teenagers directly.

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Sergeant Gonzalez assured that a comprehensive investigation would be carried out, even if the servicemen chose not to press charges. San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan described the timing of the attack, occurring during Memorial Day weekend, as particularly tragic. He emphasized that Marines are always welcomed, celebrated, and cared for in San Clemente.