Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), was slammed on social media after reports said that she was vacationing in Costa Rica this ahead of Christmas Day. People’s anger stemmed from the fact that her state was going through a winter storm and many of the households faced power outages. 

On Wednesday, Georgia joined North Carolina and Kentucky in declaring states of emergency. Temperatures in north Georgia were forecast to hit 10F with subzero and extremely chilly winds. “We are expecting weather we haven’t seen in a decade or more,” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp told a media briefing.

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Meanwhile, Greene skipped the vote on the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill vote by requesting the designation of a proxy as she was “unable to physically attend the proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency” in a letter to the clerk of the House of Representatives, Cheryl L. Johnson. 

The letter infuriated social media users after it went viral on Twitter and many of them slammed the Georgia representative. 

“So MTG used a ‘public health emergency’ as an excuse to skip the vote on the $1.7 TRILLION. omnibus spending bill vote so that she could go vacation in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, her constituents are about to get hit with a bad winter storm. MTG is not sick. She’s just a liar,” one of them fumed on the platform. 

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Another wrote, “Marjorie Taylor Greene is vacationing in Costa Rica right now instead of voting on important bills. She’s en embarrassment to the US.” One more said, “Did I just hear Marjorie Taylor Greene pulled a Ted Cruz and flew first class to Costa Rica last week, skipping Zelenskyy’s address to Congress, and she remains there while her state is being hit by the winter cyclone bomb?”

One user stated, “Marjorie Taylor Greene vacations in Costa Rica, while hundreds of thousands of Georgians are out of power Cruz vacationed in Cancun, while hundreds froze to death Trump vacationed on his golf courses, while Covid ravaged our nation When shit hits the fan, Republicans vacation!” 

“I’m not upset that Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t show up at congress because she left for Costa Rica, I’m disappointed that she will probably come back,” one more commented.