Late Arizona Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain was called out on social media after she tried standing up for Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s daughter, Caroline, who attempted suicide on Tuesday.

It was reported that Caroline Cruz, 14, was hospitalized with self-inflicted knife wounds, but she was doing okay. “This is a family matter, and thankfully their daughter is OK. There were no serious injuries,” reps for the Republican politician told the media. “The family requests that the media respect their daughter’s privacy at this time.”  

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McCain tried equating the teenager’s situation with her experience of getting bullied when her father was an active Republican politician.

“There’s a special hell being a teenage girl when your Dad is a famous (Republican) politician and you’re in middle/high school -and I did it before social media and before journalists would target minors and report on them. Leave the entire Cruz family alone & just send prayers,” she tweeted.

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McCain was immediately shut down on Twitter after people reminded her that she had never stood up for Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, when she was similarly bullied online. 

“Bulls**t. You people draaaaaged Chelsea Clinton every chance you got. We’re NOT dragging the Cruz family because we have warm blood pumping through our bodies and not the ice water you have in yours that compels you to make EVERYTHING about YOU. Grow the fuck up already,” one of them said, while another commented, “While Ted Cruz (presumably, though I don’t expect much from him) tends to his daughter, leave it to Meghan McCain to get back on her bullshit & ignore the years of torment endured by Chelsea Clinton & Sasha & Malia Obama from her (Republican) party & its media outlets.”

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One more noted, “I’m pretty sure Chelsea Clinton would disagree that only Republican politician’s daughters go through hell.” Another user wrote, “You couldn’t make a statement without making it about you, could you? No one is targeting. Cruz’s daughter. So stop. And it isn’t any easier being the kid of a Democrat than a Republican politician. Just ask Chelsea Clinton or Malia and Sasha Obama what it is like.”

A Twitter user said, “I have literally read every tweet on Ted Cruz’s daughter’s recent suicide attempt … all are positive & hopeful that she gets help!! I have not seen ONE negative comment directed her way. As opposed to the hateful comments Chelsea Clinton, the Obama girls & Paul Pelosi had!!”