Megyn Kelly was praised after she slammed people who were defending Russell Brand after the comedian was accused of rape and sexual abuse by an array of women.

“You guys, I realized that the knee-jerk instinct now by so many is, ‘Russell Brand is wrongly accused. These women are all liars.’ I’m sorry this is extremely detailed. And then in the case of the other woman, there’s an actual set of medical records after she went to a rape crisis center, the day of the alleged encounter plus, apologetic begging for forgiveness text from Russell Brand,” she during her SiriusXM podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Monday.

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She continued: “Could you please for a second stay open-minded to the possibility that the women are telling the truth? We don’t need to so overcorrect from the Me Too movement that every woman gets completely disregarded and called a liar when she finds the guts to come forward and make an allegation. They may be telling the truth. It’s worth investigating. We don’t need to knee jerk condemn him. And we don’t need to knee-jerk condemn them.”

She also urged her viewers to wait for the facts and court to decide whether Brand is guilty of the allegations.

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“I’m just pissed because what I’ve seen is like a rash of guys coming out to be like, ‘it’s bullshit.’ You don’t know whether it’s bullshit or not. Did you read the report of this woman? Did you read the rape? The alleged rape details? Did you read the text message that she has from Russell Brand begging for forgiveness? There’s at least enough for us to want more facts,” she said.

Here are a few reactions to Kelly’s podcast online: