Former United States vice President Mike Pence has not
filed to run for President in 2024, his advisor Devin O’Malley wrote on Twitter
on Monday after the purported statement of candidacy filings appeared on the
Federal Election Commission website.

The filing, appearing on US federal holiday, led some news
outlets including Britain’s Sky News to report that Pence has filed to run for President. The link to the website was circulated by several users on Twitter.

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O’Malley was press secretary for Pence when he was vice
president. He wrote, “Former Vice President Mike Pence did not file to run for
President today.” Later, he confirmed to Reuters that he is an advisor to

The filings on the FEC website were the raw filings that
have yet to be processed by the commission. It was unclear who filed them.
Pence incurred former President Donald Trump’s wrath by declining to support
his effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. He has
increasingly distanced himself from the former president since Trump’s loss to
Joe Biden.

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While the former vice president has not filed to run in
2024 yet, Pence has been indicating the possibility during the nationwide book
tour of his memoir “So help me God.”

“The fact that people are now getting to know me and
my family, our faith, our conservative convictions better, has been a great
source of encouragement as we think about the way forward and what our calling
might be in the future,” he said, according to a Fox News report.

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However, last month, Pence said that he thinks Americans
will have better options than Trump to choose from in 2024. Trump filed for
candidacy last month. If Pence does enter the race, he’ll be up against Trump,
who has relentlessly criticized the former vice president since leaving office.