On the first anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death, US President Joe Biden pledged Saturday that his administration will press hard to pass ‘meaningful police reform’ in Congress and sign a reform bill into law to tackle police brutality.

Biden tweeted: “Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy, a blow to her family, her community, and America. As we continue to mourn her, we must press ahead to pass meaningful police reform in Congress.”

“I remain committed to signing a landmark reform bill into law,” he added.

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Taylor, a black medical worker, was killed on March 13, 2020. She was shot by two Nashville police officers, who were raiding her house.

Taylor’s death was one of the trigger points of the wide protests and demonstrations that erupted in the United States over the summer against racial injustice and police brutality.

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden in June 2020 promised to take steps to combat institutional racism and reestablish a police oversight body at the Justice Department as he spoke, days after protests erupted across the nation.  

Earlier this week, Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, penned an open letter to Biden, asking the President to hold police accountable by enacting a list of measures and policy changes to address police brutality once he is sworn into office.

“For many Americans, a vote for you was a vote for Breonna, Jacob Blake, Casey Goodson and so many others who have been failed repeatedly by the criminal justice system under the current administration,” Palmer wrote.

“We need your actions to show that you are different than those who pay lip-service to our losses while doing nothing to show that our loved ones’ lives mattered,” she penned.

However, Biden’s administration is yet to acknowledge the letter.

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Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, also tweeted on the tragic occasion.

“One year ago, Breonna Taylor was murdered by police officers. It is a disgrace that we are still waiting on justice. The time is long overdue for us to combat systemic racism and a broken criminal justice system,” he wrote.  

Charges are yet to be pressed against Detective Myles Cosgrove and Detective Joshua Jaynes who shot at Taylor. The two first received their letters of termination in December and were ultimately fired on January 5.