A mysterious creature was spotted outside the Amarillo Zoo in Texas on May 21 around 1:25 am. The city of Amarillo’s official Facebook page posted an image they had captured, seeking opinions on the identity of what they called the “UAO- Unidentified Amarillo Object”. The city encouraged the viewers to send emails to them regarding their theories, while they had two of their own.

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The post went on to read: “Is it a person with a strange hat who likes to walk at night? A chupacabra?”  

Michael Kashuba, Amarillo’s director of Parks and Recreation, commented on the “strange and interesting” picture, stating that “no animals or individuals were harmed, and there were no signs of criminal activity or forced entry”. He also said that the area where the creature was discovered “didn’t receive heavy traffic”. He was sent the picture after the zoo staff could not figure out the creature’s identity.

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The creature, thought to be an eccentrically dressed human, stands on two legs and appears to have what seems to be a mane and a tail. 

Besides the original post’s hypothesis of the creature being the “Chupacabra”, which belongs to a Latin American legend, social media viewers had a wide array of theories.

The most popular one, however, was that the creature was a furry, which refers to a person interested in animals with human characteristics, and often dresses up as one.

This costume is widely known as a “fursuit”, strongly resembles the creature in question.

Other viewers reckoned it was a fictional character from the show “Stranger Things”, called a demogorgon. A lot of the comments also suggested that the being was a skin-walker, a witch originating from Navajo culture, who “had the ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as an animal.”

Kashuba also mentioned that “there was no sense of fear” and that the debate surrounding the image was “mostly just curious.”