Naomi BidenPresident Joe Biden’s eldest granddaughter, married Peter Neal, 25, on November 19, on the South Lawn in front of 250 friends and family.  After reporters were barred from covering the lavish wedding, Vogue released an exclusive profile of Jill and Naomi on Tuesday, complete with a slew of dazzling photos taken ahead of the big day.

“We’re so close to our families, so we always knew we’d get married in someone’s backyard. I think if my pop weren’t president, it would probably be their house in Wilmington or Peter’s family’s backyard in Jackson [Wyoming],” Naomi told the Vogue magazine.

“There’s just such beauty and history in this place, and we really wanted to honour that,” she added of the unique White House venue.

The stunning profile was released just days after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre notified reporters that reportage of the ceremony and evening reception would be prohibited, much to the dismay of the gathered media pack.

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“Naomi and Peter [Neal] have asked that their wedding be closed to the media and we are respecting their wishes,” Jean-Pierre told reporters Friday. “This is their wish and we should be thrilled and happy for them in making this really important step in their lives.”

NBC News’ Kristen Welker strenuously objected, pointing out to Jean-Pierre: “Looking at all of this video and images that we have of Tricia Nixon’s wedding, Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s wedding, [first daughter Lynda Bird Johnson’s] wedding and the historic record that now exists because the press was let in and able to get a glimpse of it — why not just let the press in for a few minutes to have access?”

“This is a wedding that’s happening here at the people’s house, not at a private residence,” Welker added. “I totally understand that. It’s happening at the people’s house. It’s a beautiful moment. It’s a joyous moment,” Jean-Pierre replied. “It is a family event, it is. And we are going to respect Naomi and Peter’s wishes.”

Speaking about the security concerns associated with the nuptials, Naomi told Vogue: “It’s hard to ask people for their social security number with their RSVP.”