The galaxy never fails to amaze us. Recently, the US space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shared a picture that depicts the magnetic field in the galaxy. The picture is awe-inspiring, and we could look at it forever.

To think that we are such tiny bits of such a grand and glamorous cosmos is thrilling. NASA took to its Instagram to share the picture explaining the phenomenon. The agency called it a wrinkle in space and time.

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According to the post, this magnetic field that was observed in galaxy NGC 108 was observed by Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy(SOFIA). These were detected with the help of far-infrared lights. Earlier, they could not be detected because radio telescopes were not useful in detecting them. SOFIA is a dedicated body to observe the infrared universe that cannot be seen in visible light.

The spiral arms of this magnetic field are huge- spreading across 24000 light-years. The gravitational forces that have been compressing the galaxy also compressed its magnetic fields.

Ever since the post was shared, it has received a lot of appreciation from netizens. They were thrilled to get a glimpse of the cosmic beauty.

Netizens react to the magnetic fingerprints of the galaxy

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By sharing this picture, NASA invites us to gaze into the magnetic fingerprint of the galaxy.