A mass shooting at Covenant school, Nashville left three staff members and as many students dead. Several social media users compared the incident to the Robb Elementary School, Uvalde shooting that left 21 dead in May, 2022.

Family members of those killed in the Uvalde massacre reacted to Monday’s incident.

“Our kids aren’t safe. Schools aren’t safe,” tweeted Kimberly Garcia, who lost her 10-year-old daughter, Amerie Jo Garza, in Uvalde.

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“My daughter wasn’t safe, her life was taken from her. My son isn’t safe and it keeps me up all night. How am I supposed to be OK with leaving him at school? There’s no way. When is enough going to be enough? 6 more innocent lives taken? But it’s not the guns right? Wake up people.”

The Robb Elementary School parents have been advocating for gun restrictions. Some of the family members now an advocacy group fighting to prevent gun violence – Lives Robbed.

“We are tired. We know that, for the families of the victims at Covenant, this hell is just beginning. We are with you. This is why we fight for change,” the group tweeted on Monday.

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Brett Cross posted an emotional video on social media.  “Have y’all had enough yet?” he said.

“@JohnCornyn Tell the families that lost their children in Uvalde, Nashville, Santa Fe, TX that calls to #BanAssaultWeapons is a “tired talking point.” Tell that to their faces, in person. What an idiotic, inhuman thing for you to say,” a Twitter user said.

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“NO> People run in fear…No teacher should be burdened defending against weapons of war. Did you forget: Even the Uvalde cops wouldn’t enter the field! You shooting a vid with a weapon of war for political kicks, is not the same as being confronted. You’d prolly run shrieking,” another one added.

Audrey Hale was identified as the Covenant School, Nashville shooting suspect.