After US President Joe Biden formally recognised the 20th century ethnic cleansing of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, which is observed on April 24, the world has a mixed reaction. 

In a statement released on the day of remembrance, Biden said, “The American people honour all those Armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today.”

“Over the decades Armenian immigrants have enriched the United States in countless ways, but they have never forgotten the tragic history that brought so many of their ancestors to our shores. We honour their story. We see that pain. We affirm the history. We do this not to cast blame but to ensure that what happened is never repeated,” the statement added. 

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The President of Armenia thanked Biden on Twitter and said, “It opens new prospects for US-Armenian relations.
It also makes this world a better place!” 

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Expectedly, Turkey has strongly condemned Biden’s move. 

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While Democratic party leaders have lauded Biden’s recognition, Republicans have largely remained silent on the matter. 

The internet has a mixed reaction. Here’s a look at what social media users are saying about the 46th president’s statement:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued her own statement in support of Biden’s acknowledgement. In her tweet, she wrote, “We must honor their lives by combating denial of these heinous crimes and recognizing this brutality for what it was: genocide.”

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Texas congressman Joaquin Castro tweeted, “This long-overdue act sends a clear message: history will side with those who speak up and condemn the unspeakable crime of genocide.”

Congress member Karen Bass also took to Twitter supporting the president. She wrote, “I am proud to stand with President Biden in acknowledging the truth.”

Meanwhile, some netizens have called out President Biden over the country’s actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and with Indian Americans. Others even questioned if Biden would make a similarly bold move by condemning China’s human rights violations against Uighur Muslims.