Flash floods, triggered by the heavy rains from the remnants of Storm Ida, inundated the roads of New York City on Wednesday, killing at least 9 people and prompting the Governor to declared a state of emergency. 

“I am declaring a state of emergency to help New Yorkers affected by tonight’s storm. Please stay off the roads and avoid all unnecessary travel,” New York Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted.

Here are the latest updates on the New York floods: 

1. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a press conference on Thursday that the “record-shattering rainfall” killed at least nine people in New York City, mostly from flooding in basement apartments.

“Nine people who were alive at this exact moment yesterday, no idea that such a horrible thing could befall them. Families in mourning right now,” he said. 

Calling Ida “a horrifying storm unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” he added, “What we’ve got to recognize is the suddenness, the brutality of storms now, it is different.”

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2. Floods disrupted trains services in New York City. Metropolitan Transportation Authority said that Metro-North service remained entirely suspended. The NYC Subway and LIRR were operating with partial suspensions. NYC Buses, on the other hand, were operating at near-normal service with 20+ detours in effect​ as of 8 am EDT.

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3. Videos doing the rounds on social media showed subway riders standing on seats in cars filled with water. Some videos also showed vehicles submerged up to their windows on major roads in the city. 

4. The Weather Service said that rainfall totals of up to 4.5 to 7 inches in some areas. A tornado warning was also issued in some neighborhoods in the Bronx area after radar showed a tornado had formed.

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5. Four people were killed in the city after getting trapped in their basements as flash floods surged into their basements. This includes three people in Queens and one man in Brooklyn.