Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley slammed Vivek Ramaswamy about their shared use of TikTok on Wednesday during the GOP debate.

Ramaswamy was questioned by moderator Stuart Varney regarding his involvement with boxer and social media influencer Jake Paul at a TikTok event. According to Ramaswamy, he wanted to relate to “the next generation of young Americans.” He also stated the opinion that social media platforms should not be accessible to users younger than 16 years old.

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Reacting to this, Haley said, “Every time I hear you, I feel a little bit dumber. This is infuriating because TikTok is one of the most dangerous social media apps we could have.”

Ramaswamy responded by arguing that serious policy debates should take precedence above personal jabs and highlighting the significance of participating in “legitimate debate.”

Candidates including former Vice President Mike Pence and senator from South Carolina Tim Scott had blasted Ramaswamy earlier in the discussion. During the first discussion, Ramaswamy repeatedly referred to the opposition as “bought and paid for.”

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Scott said that given Ramaswamy’s prior economic relationships with the Chinese Communist Party, it was problematic for him to make such assertions. Additionally, Scott emphasized Ramaswamy’s connections to people who backed President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Ramaswamy called the allegations “nonsense,” adding that he had first formed a subsidiary for his company in China but later decided to pull out of the country.

In 2018, his business, Roivant Sciences, partnered with a private equity entity sponsored by the Chinese government.

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Regarding this, Pence said, “I’m glad Vivek backed out of his business deal in China in 2018.” You must have started voting in presidential elections around that time, I assume.

Ramaswamy had previously claimed that he voted for a libertarian candidate for president in 2004 but did not cast another ballot until 2020 when he backed former President Donald Trump.