Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul blasted health requirements against COVID-19 while resurgent virus forces the states to confront increasing cases and hospitalizations and when the US reported its largest single-day number of new cases since January.

According to the data compiled by The Washington Post, the United States recorded almost 160,000 cases on Monday, bringing the seven-day average to about 115,000 daily.

Since Jan. 29, when coronavirus vaccinations were not widely accessible, it was the most severe day for new infections in the nation. During the fourth wave of the pandemic, companies and schools are grappling with demands for vaccines and masks, resulting in over 70,000 hospitalizations.

Cruz, on the other hand, told Fox News anchor Sean Hannity that no health laws are required to help control a countrywide outbreak fuelled by the extremely contagious delta variant and the millions of people who have not been vaccinated.

“There should be no mandates — zero — concerning COVID,” Cruz stated. “That means no mask mandates, regardless of your vaccination status. That means no vaccine mandates. That means no vaccine passports.”

Cruz’s demand for eliminating coronavirus mandates came only hours after he and Senator Kevin Cramer filed two legislation prohibiting mask and vaccination mandates. The measures would go against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest recommendation, which advises individuals to wear masks inside regardless of their vaccination status.

With just half of the country properly vaccinated, the White House has been urging Americans to be immunised more aggressively in recent weeks. President Biden has advised federal workers that they must be vaccinated or face wearing masks and maintaining social distance at work, and he has instructed the military to look into similar measures. According to Annie Linskey of The Washington Post, the Biden administration is considering whether to utilise government regulatory power or the threat of withholding funds as additional means to force private businesses to mandate vaccinations.